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SociCake Review - What Is Socicake

Socicake is the ultimate all in one facebook marketing bundle with 10 software tools, viz:
  • Rich Post Editor
  • Post Manager
  • Clickable Images
  • Messenger Bot
  • Messenger Broadcaster
  • Comment Bot
  • Content Designer
  • Optin Link
  • Soci Inviter
  • Live Engine
The big end is '10 Traffic software with the price for 1'making money through local marketing with you and focusing heavily on' Traffic ', which every business needs but every business are struggling. You get a large amount of traffic with their software leading to leads and sales.

Demo Video:

See Socicake In Action:

Proposed Funnel

Tool #1: Rich Post Editor.

This software makes your post, comments, and ads stand out and capture people's attention resulting in a HUGE boost in post engagement, leads, and sales.

It adds BOLD Text, Italicized, Underlined & More On FB!

Case Study:

Posting old boring style content that every other marketer is doing right now and getting ignored. Resulting in low engagement and higher ad costs.

  • Add bold, italics, underlines, emojis and more!
  • 10x the engagement on your posts in minutes
  • Works for posts, comments, groups and facebook ads!
  • Unlimited posts, ads, or comments across multiple accounts
  • Visually entice your visitors to engage and take action

Even Russell Brunson uses rich posts for his ads to boost his engagements

N/B: This tool has ALL the features of SociJam. Pls check the sales page of socijam at

Tool #2: Facebook Post Manager

With the post manager, you can create and schedule link post, image post, video post, call to action post and slideshows across multiple facebook pages and multiple facebook accounts from one dashboard in minutes.

It works for:
  • Link Post
  • Image Post
  • Video post
  • Slideshows
  • Carousel
  • Call to action post

Of utmost importance is the CTA post. As a marketer, you should be aware that the call to action is one of the most important elements of any campaign. A good image and headline draw attention, but what makes people take action is your call to action. Facebook allows you to add a Call To action button on your post. AWESOME FEATURE BUT unfortunately this is only available through facebook Ads manager. But now with socicake you can create a CTA post and schedule it across multiple facebook pages and multiple facebook accounts.

Tool #3: Clickable Images Creator

This tool will help you Turn Every Picture You Post on Social Media into A Viral Traffic Machine.
Image posts work great to get attention on social media.
BUT … usually, the only way to include a link is to add it to the description below the picture.
Users aren’t drawn to the description, they’re attracted to the picture.

And THAT’S what they click on.

So someone is interested in your post and is obviously clicking for more info.

What do they get?

Just a Bigger picture of the original image.

Clickable images are image post that redirects to your website when clicked.
Socicake helps you
create and schedule clickable images that drive traffic to your websites and landing pages. You schedule clickable images across multiple pages and multiple facebook accounts from 1 dashboard in a few clicks

This tool has all the features of sociclicks (facebook only)
See sociclicks sales page at  -

Tool #4: MessengerBot

This tool enables you to create a Facebook Messenger bot for marketing, sales and support.
  • Bots Can Boost Engagement On Any Website.
  • Bots Can Respond And Assist Visitors When You Can't.
  • Bots Can Turn Cold Prospects Into Paying Customers.
  • Bots Can Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More.
  • Bots Can Become Your Brand's Ambassador.
  • Bots Can Save You Considerable Time And Expense.

With socicake, you can create messenger bots and automation for your pages with automatic conversation flows. You can use these flows to deliver value, drive traffic, convert contacts into leads or even make sales.

If its good enough for Russell Brunson, then its good enough for you

Tool #5: Messenger Broadcaster.

This tool enables you to blast promotional and follow up messages to those that have engaged with your page. You can send unlimited broadcast to your subscribers across multiple pages and multiple facebook accounts from 1 dashboard in minutes.

Messenger is the #1 app in the US and Canada with over 1 billion active users.

It is the most engaging channel with average 90% open rates and 4 to 10 times higher CTRs compared to email. Your audience already uses Messenger every day and your business should be a part of that conversation.

Embrace Messenger Marketing ( Hottest & Highly Untapped Marketing Paradise) to reach Almost 100% Of Your Prospects & Clients With 90%** Open rate for every message sent to messenger subscribers.

Tool #6: Comment Bot

This tool allows you to set up an automated response (public and private reply) to everyone who comments on your facebook post. You can set up a default response and responses based on keywords and phrases.

The response could be a public reply or a private reply to the commenter’s inbox or both.
This bot works for you as a virtual assistant to manage your Facebook page 24/7. No sleep. No wages. Just set it up once and it works non stop.

Ideal for:
  • FACEBOOK ADVERTISERS who want maximum engagements
  • E-COMMERCE SELLERS looking to boost sales
  • BRANDS trying to build recognition
  • PRODUCT VENDORS trying to provide better support
  • FACEBOOK FAN PAGE OWNERS seeking to grow your page
  • CONTENT CREATORS who want to build their audience base
Tool #7: Soci Inviter

This is a growth hacking tool that converts post likes into fan page likes by mass inviting everybody who liked your posts to like your fan page.

If your facebook post goes viral or you run facebook ads, you will discover people will like your post without liking your page.  The solution is to invite them to like your page. While you can invite people who liked your posts manually, one by one, it could be extremely time-consuming to do every day. Socicake Inviter is a growth tool that allows you to invite everyone in 1 click.

Tool #8: Content Editor

Soci cake comes with a graphics design suite for pumping out jaw-dropping & high converting designs in Just Minutes Even If You Have ZERO Technical or Design Skills.

You can design:
  • Facebook post
  • Timeline covers
  • Facebook ads
  • Viral Quotes
  • Meme… and many more.
It comes loaded with:
  • 1,423 premium design templates
  • 7.5 million stock images, fonts, icons, and illustrations.
  • 450,000  Viral quotes and many more.

Tool #9: Optin Link
1-click lead capture platform.
With this tool, you can create links that capture the name and email address of those that click on it without a landing page or opt-in form. Think of the thousands of people who click on your links. This tool will convert them to leads on autopilot.

Landing page opt-in forms are becoming less effective. People are just too lazy to enter their name & email to get your lead magnet. Even when they do, 60% of them drop a fake email ID or create use a dummy.

Optin Link enables you to capture their best email (email associated with facebook) once they click on your link. You can sync real time with over fifteen popular autoresponders and Zapier through web hooks.

Tool #10: Live Engine

Use this tool to upload a pre-recorded video and broadcast it live across multiple facebook pages and multiple facebook account from one dashboard. This is a complete set n forget system. Unlike other tools, there is no need to open your computer during the livestream. Everything is done from the cloud. Just schedule and forget it.

Case Studies

2 case studies available.

Casestudy #1 - $5,000 Commissions In 1 Week From Facebook

During the sqribble launch, I had issues with my autoresponder

I could not mail hard during the launch
I had to switch to facebook using my facebook page and facebook group
With a combination of socicake tools and the tips in Socicake Academy, I did $5,212  (169 Sales) In 1 Week.

Case Study #2 - #2,416 In 72 Hours
A Beta Tester Did $2,416 In 72 Hours From His Ecom Store Using A Combination of Socicake Tools & Tips In Socicake Academy.
  1. He used the Socicake Content Designer to design his facebook ads in minutes
  2. He used the tips in Socicake Academy to set up his ads targeting
  3. He used Socicake messengerBot to create an FAQ bot
  4. He used the Socicake Comment Bot for auto comment reply and discount code delivered to the Messenger inbox of those that commented on his ads
  5. He used Socicake Messenger Broadcaster to follow up those that engaged with his ads.
  6. He added the Socicake Website LiveChat Widget on his ecom website to convince and support his website/store visitors.

We have some happy beta testers.

Comparison Table - Socicake Vs Competitors

Socicake is not just a platform with 10 features, but combo of 10 rock solid tools that stand tall with competitors.

There is nothing like Socicake. To be able to get ALL the features of socicake, you have to pay and combine the following apps:


E.g mannychat charges $145 monthly per facebook page (25,000 subscribers).

Imagine having everything at your fingertips on one dashboard for a low one time fee.

Other things we will have:

OTO1 - Sociake Pro
The pro version unlocks additional features, viz:
  • Messenger Followup Sequence
  • Website Chat Widget
  • Unlimited Messenger Lead Growth Tools to Grow Your Messenger leads
Unlock Messenger Followup Sequence

Messenger follow up sequence are a series of messages that are sent out on a schedule. They’re also called automated or drip campaigns. You create a “package of messages” that are sent at strategic times to accomplish a specific goal, e.g:

  • Onboarding
  • Lead nurturing - from first contact to raving fan
  • Follow-up survey
  • etc

Sequences allow you to create multiple touchpoints to engage with subscribers, build trust and deliver value by telling a story, send out relevant information, and share examples of how you can help.

For instance, you might create a drip campaign that nurtures new messenger leads. The first message, which is scheduled to arrive immediately after subscribing to your page, is a welcome message. The second message is scheduled for a day later, and showcases the benefits of your signature service. The third message may come day 5 offers a promotional deal on your service, etc.

Socicake Pro allows you schedule sequences up to 30 days interval.
  • Welcome Sequence and and up to 30 days followup sequences
  • Manually assign a subscriber into a followup sequence
  • Set trigger based on action e.g signup, etc
  • Detailed delivery and read reports
Consider these stats:

  • Open rates for drip campaigns are about 80 percent higher than single send campaigns, and average click-through rates are three times higher.
  • Lead nurturing campaigns get 4-10 times the response rates compared to mass email blasts.
  • Companies that excel at drip campaigns generate 80 percent more sales at 33 percent lower costs.
  • Companies have seen a 20 percent increase in sales after using drip campaigns to nurture leads.
  • Businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience a 451 percent increase in qualified leads.
  • Nurtured leads make 47 percent larger purchases than non-nurtured leads.
  • Relevant emails sent through drip campaigns drive 18 times more revenue than generic emails.


Its like Email autoresponder sequences, but for messenger - 7 Times More Powerful Reach Than Email - 100% inbox delivery and 98% open rate. No monthly fee. 1 time fee.

Website Chat Widget

Add facebook messenger chat widget on your website. Chat  on a website can increase conversion rates up to 65%. People prefer chat to email and phone contacts to get quick answers to their questions.

On-site chat powered by Socicake Facebook Messenger automation is better than the regular live chat:

24/7 instant response: You can connect it with one of your page bot or bot template to answer questions instantly with no wait time for customers.

Cheaper than live staff:  If you don’t have a support team working around the clock to reply to customer questions, build a Messenger bot to power your Messenger chat widget and answer basic FAQs.

Always mobile-friendly for users: Unlike live chat interfaces, Facebook Messenger chat is always mobile-friendly.

Continue Conversation: With Messenger chat, though, you can start a conversation on desktop and then continue it on your mobile device with Messenger at a later date or time.  With other live chat platforms, once the customer leaves you cannot continue the chat seamlessly.

Eligible for future nurturing: Interactions in Facebook Messenger chat become leads to nurture over a lifetime. You can add them to drip campaigns or send instant promo blast straight to their messenger inbox.

User Profiling - You can go to their facebook profile and find out more about the lead and engage well with the lead. This hack has been very useful for me esp with selling my high ticket products.

You can assign a chat to a team member (unlimited team members), mark a chat/ conversation as closed, and add tags to a conversation.

Unlimited Messenger Lead Growth
Tools to Grow Your Messenger leads

Send To Messenger Optin
Your visitors click a ‘Send to Messenger’ button and send you a message to optin to your messenger lead. You can also carry out a conversation on Messenger.

See how it works:

You can link each button  to a page and an existing bot template you created to engage with subscribers, build trust and deliver value by telling a story, send out relevant information, and share examples of how you can help.

Checkbox Plugin
Same with the above but uses a check bot  and can be used in combination with a normal form. Take the lead forms on your website and add an easy checkbox to them that lets your contacts opt-in to Facebook Messenger communications.

You can link each checkbox  to a page and an existing bot template you created to engage with subscribers, build trust and deliver value by telling a story, send out relevant information, and share examples of how you can help.

Messenger Code Generator

Use this tool to generate a Messenger Code for your page bots that people can scan to see your chatbot. You can use the generated code on your profile pic, website, brochure, business cards, etc.

You can link each checkbox to a page and an existing bot automation template you created to engage with subscribers, build trust and deliver value by telling a story, send out relevant information, and share examples of how you can help.

OTO 2 - Socicake Agency Kit

Social media is growing so fast that it has become an ESSENTIAL part of any business marketing plan. This creates a HUGE opportunity for anyone that wants to earn great income from home – providing simple but valuable services to an unlimited range of clients.
Consider Facebook alone:
=> Over 3 million companies actively advertise on FB – a 50% increase between 2015 and 2016
=> 75% of brands promote their FB posts
=> 50 MILLION small businesses have FB pages … but only 6% of FB pages are promoted with paid ads
Many local businesses are aware of the lead-driving power of Facebook ads but have absolutely no clue how the heck to even use them. They’re intimidating. Also, there are local businesses that “get” the social media platform and use it to create buzz, but they still fail at Facebook ads.
Here’s the good news: this weakness for is an opportunity for you.
Businesses today will gladly hire you to help them with facebook ads. I’m going to give you EVERYTHING you need to build an agency that’ll help support you and your family, all while helping businesses using Facebook advertising.
This kit contains the following:

DFY Killer Powerpoint Presentation & Proposal

Presentation matters in a consulting business. Just present this persuasive powerpoint presentation to your prospect, and watch them BEG you to take their money… Loaded with professionally designed infographics and statistics specifically crafted to convince your prospect why they facebook ads and why they should choose you to do it for them RIGHT NOW! 2 out of every 5 prospect that sees this presentation writes us a check.

Readymade Social Media Agency Website
You’ll be bagging clients in no time with your professionally designed agency website. Your website already filled with all the content you need, specifically designed to turn leads into clients.

Print-Ready Commercial Graphics Template

I have created a set of fully editable graphics templates for you to get your name out there as professionally as possible. Gorgeous and high quality designs in which our personal graphic designers have created for you.In a few clicks, you can edit these to your own heart’s desire so you’ll never need to hire an expensive designer again.
They include:
  • Letterhead paper
  • Business card
  • Invoice
  • Brochure

Ready-To-Mail Email Series

I am giving you a professionally written ready-to-mail email sequence for your new social media agency niche. Simply copy and paste this created-to-convert email sequence into your favourite autoresponder service provider to deliver to any ‘on the fence’ leads or cold leads you’ve collected.

Pimped-to-Sell Telemarketing Scripts

We are also giving you three designed to hypnotize, complete telemarketing scripts -Specifically designed for three different sales scenarios Both in person and over the phone.  Use these step-by-step scripts in either scenario to ensure your prospects only say YES to your services And pay you MORE for your professional services.
These will effectively warm up your prospects for your services for a final discussion about pricing and method of delivery and convince them to hand over their money.

Bonus: High Paying Client – Video Course (+White Label)

Now that you know what to sell, and have everything you need to sell, what you need now is how to get clients. I will give you a copy of this course so you discover how to land high paying clients for whatever service you are offering. High paying clients are those who are willing to pay you double, triple or even 50 times more than average customers.
In this video course, you will learn what it takes to close high paying client. One of the most important things to do is change your belief and here you can find the way to do that.
You will also learn about:
>>How to position yourself as an expert
>>How to identify and qualify your prospective clients
>>The sales process
>>Sales objection
>>How to price your product
>>How to deliver after payment is made
OTO 3 - Socicake White label

Your Own DFY Software Business Rebrand Socicake Traffic Bundle As Yours, Sell & Keep 100% Of The Profits

Here is what you get:
  1. Whitelabel license to Socicake Traffic Bundle
  2. Your own branding - (custom logo and colors)
  3. Your own custom domain
  4. Ready made sales website
  5. Ready made email swipes
  6. Ready made animated video sales letter
  7. DFY facebook ads template
  8. Manual account creation for your users or 1 Click Paypal IPN integration (Automated login delivery to your customers after they buy).Autopilot.
  9. If you have access to the pro, your customers will also have access to the pro
  10. You can sell one time or sell monthly. Automated rebill if you  connect paypal and you can manually disable any account.
  11. Support - we provide customer support to your customers
  12. Product Support - You  have access to all updates and bug fixes as we actively maintain the product
  13. No hidden charge
  14. No link back to us. Your  customers will never know we exist.
  15. You will have access to the white label dashboard on Feb 8. That is 30 days after the  socicake launch.
You Are Getting The Complete White Label To Socicake Suite A Suite of 10 Rock Solid SaaS Platforms With a MASS APPEAL - Everyone needs them

Similar Softwares Have Made Their Owners Millions of $$$

Socijam did $100k +  and this is just 1 of the features for Socicake

Crediresponse  - 6 figures (Just 1 of the tools in  socicake)

Youzign - 7 figures  (Just 1 of the tools in  socicake)

FanInviter - 6 figures in less than 1 week  (Just 1 of the tools in socicake)
BoostLink - 6 figures in less than 1 week (Just 1 of the tools in  socicake)
Livecaster - 6 figures in less than 1 week  (Just 1 of the tools in socicake)
Hootsuite - 8 figures in less than 1 week (Just 1 of the tools in  socicake)
Mannychat - 9 figures  (Just 1 of the tools in  socicake)

The FACT is: Each of these 10 tools are in high demand. When you combine all of them together as a bundle for your customers, they will bite off you hand.

2 Versions
50 user Accounts Lifetime - $
100 User Accounts Lifetime - $

What you cannot do:
  • You cannot give away for free or as a bonus for a product less than $67
  • You cannot run a JVzoo style launch
  • You cannot use the brand name - socicake or traffic bundle
OTO 4 : Mobimatic Mobile App Builder (AGENCY LICENSE + WHITELABEL)
Mobimatic is a drag and drop mobile app builder.A Cloud-based Software that helps thousands of Individuals and Businesses Build High Performance and Gorgeous Android and iOS Mobile Apps within Minutes.

The big hook is '10 Traffic Software Apps for the price for 1' wrapped into making money via local marketing with them and heavy focus on 'Traffic', the one thing every business needs but every business struggles with. They get a flood of traffic with our software which results in leads and sales.

At $33, this is an easy sell for you and your subscribers will love this. Let's start the new year with a BANG!

Thank you for reading Socicake Review.