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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

WP Image App Review

WP Image App Review

What's WP Image App?

It's a brand new WP plugin that fetches and adds high quality, footprint-free images on your site with a push of the button.
With WP Image App your customer will be able to:
check-newFetch images from any URL, including AliExpress... with this feature anyone can add product images on a
check-newWooCommerce store in seconds (just watch my demo)
check-newAdd high-quality images on BING search...there is nothing you can't find here!
check-newAdd images from YouTube (YES, YouTube!)
check-newEmbed YouTube video along with the image
check-newAutomatically set the featured image, so they get higher CTR from social media sites
check-newAnd much more.

What makes your WP App Image

Fetch Images From Any URL
This feature is especially important if you run a dropshipping e-commerce store, such as WooCommerce, with lots of products.
Previously you would download images from the sellers page (AliExpress, Alibaba, etc.) to your computer... would then rename them (usually it's between 4-6 images per product)...
...and you would manually upload them to your e-commerce product page.
With WP Image App it takes just a few clicks.
Just copy & paste the URL in the box, click the 'Get Images' button...
...and WP Image App will load those images right on your site.
#2 Search Images Based On A Keyword
Just enter the keyword that you are targeting with your content post... the size, search terms, market and image type... the 'Search Images' button...
And WP Image App will get you the most relevant, high-quality images from Bing.
#3 Search YouTube Thumbnails Based On A Keyword
This is super cool.
Now you can get high-quality images directly from YouTube.
Just enter your keyword, click 'Search on YouTube' button and within seconds, you will get hundreds of high-quality images for your site.
#4 Search Pinterest For Most Engaging Images
Did you know that nearly 4000 images are being pinned on Pinterest per minute every single day?
That's incredible.
And now with WP Image App you have access to all of them with a push of the button.
Isn't that amazing?
#5 Optimize Your Images For SEO And Include Reference
There are many things that you can do when it comes to image optimization.
However, one of the essential parts is a file name.
With WP Image App it takes just one click to rename them all...
...OR, if you want to get rankings for multiple keywords... can simply type the individual name for each of the images.
Even more...
If you are not sure about the copyrights of an image...
...simply include the source along with the image, and WP Image App will create a nice link back to the page from where an image comes from.
#6 Add Them On Your Site Exactly How You Want
Nothing gets saved on your website until you click 'Add to gallery' button.
With WP Image App, not only you can select and add multiple, FOOTPRINT FREE images on any post or page with a single click. can also pick which image will become a FEATURED image (RED selection in the screenshot).
Even more...
If you used the YouTube search to find images, you can embed a YouTube video along with the image.
And there are many more features that make WP Image App an irreplaceable tool on any Wordpress site.

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