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VideoRemix Personalizer Review

VideoRemix Personalizer ReviewVideoRemix Personalizer Review – What is it?VideoRemix personalizes any video. For example, let’s say you have a list in GetResponse or Aweber well you can send each and everyone of your contacts a unique video personalized with their name, DOB, shoe size, last product they bought or any information that you have. 10,000 emails. 10,000 unique videos. All cloud-based including simple video editing & mashing! Imagine if I have 1,000 videos I want to make, all slightly different from one another. Can you imagine how much time that would require to render? 1,000 of minutes of my life wasted. Now with VideoRemix I can do that literally in a minute or two. No long rendering times – make changes to your videos on the fly Cloud-Based – nothing to download or update Video Templates Lower Thirds + Templates Personalized videos for your follow up autoresponder sequence Use it for personalized intros / outros Use it to add-on a quick intro / outro when using the product…