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Take Surveys For Cash Review

Take Surveys For Cash is owned and operated by Jason White and his website is which is not really a website but a 2-page sales page with grossly exaggerated claims. Whenever I see pages like these, a big red flag goes up in my radar as he claims he’s made $274,000 since 2009 from taking paid surveys online. When you go pass all the hype, you have to provide your name and email to get to sales page #2 where he makes more claims on how he’s helped others like friends and family make a lot of money. More on this below… it’s pretty funny, keep reading. Take Surveys For Cash Review At the bottom of this second sales page, you finally get to the product purchase, where you’re basically buying an extensive list of survey sites to sign up at for $39. These survey sites on his list can also be found readily online for free by the way but I guess this can save you some research time which can be good.

Take Surveys for Cash Review

TakeSurveysForCash is launching on ClickBank, a trusted platform for digital products. This revolutionary paid survey product offers surveys that are updated on a daily basis, as well as the largest database ever created online. With three, high-converting 1-click upsells, early testing on this offer has shown EPCs in the range of $2.50 per click. Take Surveys for Cash Review