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Run A Webinar Review - Why Shuold I Get It?

Run A Webinar ReviewRun A Webinar Review - What is it? This is the first webinar software of it's kind to come out that doesnt use Google Hangouts! YES that's right! Your customers can run webinars that are backed by Amazon's servers through firefox. They are FAST, Effective and stable. Run LIVE Webinars With Amazon All of our webinars are hosted through Amazon servers. What that means is you wont get the lag time you would find if it was a google hangout. Custom Landing Page Creator Create your own custom landing page. You can choose from a number of high quality options to run your webinar or create your own through another system and attach our form to sign up registrants. LIVE Webinars Run Through Firefox You can run LIVE webinars from right inside of the FireFox browser. It's easy to do - start up your browser, login to the system and click "Start". Anyone can watch the webinar from any browser. Multiple Webinar Hosts You can manage a webinar or assign a att…