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Monkey Playr Review & Bouns

Monkey Playr Review Monkey Playr Review – What is it?YouTube is great… But for us marketers, the standard embedded video players lack some essential, key features we need and adding them ‘as is’ to your sales pages, landing pages or even your blog posts looks a little unprofessional. It’s called MonkeyPlayr (brand new) and if you’ve recently been tempted to ditch YouTube for a paid video hosting solution like Wistia or Vimeo it’s going to save you and everyone you refer as an affiliate hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars a year in fees! Here’s a little of what you can do using Monkey Playr: Start & Stop ANY YouTube Video Where You Want AutoPlay and Loop ANY YouTube Video (or playlist) Remove The YouTube Logo From The Player Disable Controls/InfoBoxes/Annotations And one of the coolest things “FULLY RESPONSIVE EMBEDS” This is a big one, until now NOTHING has been available that does this, just choose responsive mode and you can put ANY YouTube video into responsive mode so it fits…