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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Easy eCom Formula Review

Easy eCom Formula Review

Easy eCom Formula Overeview:

Vendor: Brad Travers et al
Product: Easy eCom Formula
Launch Date: 2016-03-08
Launch Time: Unknown
Front-End Price: $97-$147
Niche: eCommerce
Easy eCom Formula Review
JVs Earn Up To $506.40 PER Sale On Top of a $13,300 JV Cash Prize Pool!
Your List Will LOVE Our Newbie-Friendly PROVEN Formula For Creating PROFITABLE 6-Figure Stores FAST
First Time This Material Is Available Outside Our $2,500 Coaching Program
Get paid up to $506 PER sale across our 5-day launch promoting our newbie-friendly proven formula for creating profitable 6-Figure stores FAST. Fixes #1 cause of failure for eCom store owners.
We’re not a ‘flash in the pan’ eCom course based on 1 lucky month of sales!
You can promote this confidently because this is what we do for a living!
We’ve made over $622,000 across 4 stores in the last 6 months alone and continue to break new sales records, while increasing profit margins!
This is what we show your list how to do! Build a real business and break through every barrier store owners face, while filling in the gaps every other Shopify course leaves out.
This is the first time this material is available outside our $2,500 coaching program that has a huge waiting list and a 100% SUCCESS rate for all action takers.
TONS of current student proof!
We also have Over $13,300 in our JV cash prize pool to put more money in your pocket ON TOP OF your potential $506 PER sale
Total AND daily contests so lots of opportunity to win CASH across a SUPER TIGHT funnel with built-in Scarcity!
We want this to be a huge win-win! Let us know what you need.
Check out the JV page for more info, get on the cash prize qualification list, and to grab your links

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