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Be Heard Review

Why Should You Partner On This Launch?EASY cash prizes to be won – Up to $500 cash for first place! Earnings potential of $139 + recurrings per sale 100% commission on the front-end and 50% on all backends. Proven high-converting funnel. All my previous launches have brought in double-digit conversion rates for affiliates. The upsell converts beautifully at 20%+ conversion rate, and this is for a $47 upsell too! High EPCs. Past launches have exceeded $3 per click. Here are the EPCs of my last few launches: $4.75, $3.67, $3.20, $3.31. As you can see, there’s nothing below $3! Three Time JVZoo POTD’s. My past launches, Social Media Authority, Brand Authority and Niche Authority received JVZoo Product of The Day status. VERY Low refund rate. Based on the past 5 launches, refund rate is less than 1.5%! The last launch has a refund rate of just 0.54%! High quality product that must pass all my strict product creation criterias. This is the reason why the refund rate is very low. Customers are sim…